€133,806 Post-doctoral Research Aid for Researchers – Latvia, 2019

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Apply for the ongoing €133,806 Post-doctoral Research Aid for Researchers – Latvia, 2019 . See requirements and how to apply.

The purpose of the programme “PostDoc Latvia” – to develop the skills of new scientists and to increase the scientific capacity, ensuring the possibilities for new scientists to start a career in scientific institutions and with enterprises, as well as improvement of research competencies, renewal of human resources and increase in the number of qualified specialists.

Research fields cover:

  • Formal sciences
  • Humanities
  • Natural sciences
  • Professions and applied sciences
  • Social sciences

The total eligible funding planned for implementation of research applications

is 60 913 758 euro.

Available funding for the 3rd call is 15 million, including EUR 7.5 million euro for economic research and EUR 7.5 million euro for non-economic research (1.5 million euro is planned for fundamental research).

One grant is up to 133,806 euros and 36 months to perform research in Latvia, including:

  • full time employment contract with salary 2 731 euros per month including all taxes;
  • other research expenses, such as costs of materials, protection of technology rights, external services, data processing, training and networking measures, set at 800 euros per month;
  • administrative costs set at 185,83 euros per month.

What is funded

Post-doctoral researchers may perform the following activities:

  • Applied and fundamental research
  • Acquisition of intellectual property and technology rights
  • Knowledge and technology transfer


  • Training, international mobility and networking
  • Supervision and reviews of of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral thesis
  • Preparation of other research or innovation projects proposals

The maximum total eligible funding of a research application shall be 133,806 euros


The maximum duration of the project implementation is 36 months but not longer than November 30, 2023


The target group of the programme is postdoctoral researchers – Latvian or foreign researchers who have acquired doctorate not more than 10 years before the deadline for submitting the research application.

A research applicant is a scientific institution or enterprise of the Republic of Latvia, which establishes employment relations with a postdoctoral researcher and ensures access to infrastructure and human resources for implementation of the research necessary within the scope of the research application.



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