China Scholarship Council-UOW Joint Postgraduate Scholarships Program 2018

Are you Interntional student from China? If yes, apply for the ongoing China Scholarship Council-UOW Joint Postgraduate Scholarships Program 2018. See the requirements and how to apply here.

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the University of Wollongong (UOW) are jointly offering postgraduate research scholarships to students from the People’s Republic of China who intend to undertake a postgraduate research degree at the University of Wollongong.

UOW will provide an International Postgraduate Tuition Award (IPTA) to each student selected under this program. This IPTA will pay the full tuition fees.

CSC will provide each student selected under this program with a living allowance for the term of the scholarship, a return airfare to Australia, visa application fees, and the cost of the Australian Government approved Overseas Student Health Cover.

Only candidates undertaking the Doctor of Philosophy (Course Code 220) program are eligible. If the selected Chinese students successfully complete the requirements of the program, they will be conferred with a Doctor of Philosophy degree by the University of Wollongong (read more).

Scholarships under this program will be for up to four years.

Visiting Postgraduate Research Students

UOW may also accept students from Chinese university partner institutions for visiting research training programs where CSC students will be enrolled at the Chinese institution but will spend a component of their degree (6-12 months) at UOW. Please see the ‘Application Procedures’ link in table below for the application form.

Download Chinese Scholarship Council – UOW Joint Postgraduate Scholarship pamphlet here.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates will be citizens and permanent residents of the People’s Republic of China at the time of application;
  • Successful candidates must return to China upon completion of their studies and/or research;
  • Candidates must hold a conditional offer of enrolment subject to the CSC award. They must therefore fulfil the relevant academic entry requirements set by the admitting department of UOW, including a high level of English language proficiency;
  • Candidates should be intending to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree in one of the priority academic areas identified by CSC or UOW.  However, applicants to other study/research areas may also be considered. (Read More)
  • Candidates should satisfy the selection criteria set out by CSC by completing the CSC Application Form and the CSC Employer Reference Form at

How to Apply for China Scholarship Council-UOW Joint Postgraduate Scholarships Program 2018

Application procedures

Step 1:  Find your research supervisor and topic

Visit our Research Strengths.

For potential supervisors and topics contact the Associate Dean in your destination faculty to help you determine a suitable supervisor.

Step 2:  University of Wollongong acceptance for HDR students

  1. Candidates should directly apply for admission to UOW. Online application form. Under “Sponsor” section note C.S.C.
  2. UOW will evaluate the candidates, and decide which candidates are admissible to its programs. UOW will provide CSC and each qualified candidate with a copy of an offer letter. The offer will also confirm that UOW will provide each successful candidate a Postgraduate Tuition Award, under the condition that the CSC’s support is secured.


Step 2:  University of Wollongong acceptance for Visiting Research Program (VRP) students

Candidates need to submit an online application to the Office of Global Student Mobility at the following link: Application Form            

Please note you will be asked to upload the following documentation into your online application:

Students may direct VRP application questions to:

UOW will evaluate the candidates applications, and decide which candidates are admissible to its programs. UOW will provide each qualified candidate with an Offer of Admission letter.

Note: If you already have a CSC offer, you are most welcome to apply to UOW. Please include your CSC offer in your application.

Step 3:  CSC Application

  1.  Candidates must also apply to CSC for funding by completing an application for funding and employer reference (forms are available online).  A hard copy of the signed CSC application form along the completed CSC employer feference form, a copy of the full application to UOW (including other supporting documents such as communications with the supervisor), and a copy of an unconditional offer letter from UOW must be submitted to CSC through CSC’s application agencies by the CSC closing date each year.
  2. CSC will evaluate the candidates according to CSC requirements and priorities, and provide UOW with a final list of scholarship recipients and inform the successful candidates.  The chose candidates must then enrol as a UOW doctoral student.


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